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The advantage
It's one thing to be told what you can do and quite another to understand web decisions in business terms. You do not need to know or understand web technology to make business decisions anymore than you need to know technical standards for plumbing and wiring to have your house built or renovated. You simply hire technicians to do what they have been trained to do. It isn't practical to learn everything, but it is far worse to give away your power to technicians because they are not usually schooled in running a business. And if they are it is for running their own business, not yours.

Inventor or entrepreneur's idea

Inventors and entrepreneurs have experience with seeing innovative solutions for common problems. The innovative solution for running a successful web business is to forget everything you've been told about the web and start over with some simple facts:

  • All web users control their own web experience - your website has no control
    A good decision would be a one-eighty in attitude from driving traffic - which cannot be done - to that of attracting your market
  • The web shares - that's what networks do - and the web grows by sharing
    "What do I have to share?", you ask. As it turns out, you have a lot to share
  • A one-to-one relationship - an influential position - with a market that has control
    A one-to-one relationship is an intimate relationship, if you want it to be. Or you can remain strangers.

The web is not just a marketing medium, it is a business platform with resources and so much more that just a website.

If you choose to run a web business what will be your next decision?

Understanding the web as a marketing medium

A lot of what business owners have previously been told, and sold, with a web design is not to be found in this website. What is to be found here is help with web marketing in a virtual web environment. The web is not a material marketing environment and because it is different your web market behaves differently.

Various media being swallowed Just as people on the web use former media differently online it also reveals a different way to think about web marketing.

What is really different is that a virtual web reality is not the same as a book, a movie or an advertisement. Your market's behaviour has changed and there is a need to learn how to engage a market that is alone and in control.

Your web market is made up of two minds

This is true of all markets through any marketing medium, but it was always the ready buyer that advertising had been focused on. The undecided portion of the market was ignored for practical reasons - it was too time consuming and expensive to educate people. The web has changed this and made the undecided buyer a viable portion of the market to pursue by providing a service that attracts them.

In other words, you help them make up their mind.

2 faces looking away from each other Most buyers engage in a buying cycle even if they are not aware of doing so. Within this buying cycle there are two groups that form. There are those that are still learning about their problem and the best solutions available. Then there are those that know what they want and they are ready to buy. The web site that suits one portion of your market does not suit the other.

A ready buyer has little need for information as they have already completed their research. What they need is a quick comparison of brands with the benefits and features. The uncertain buyers who were costly to educate in a material reality are now affordable in a virtual web reality. Your web page can provide knowledge and bring thousands of people up to speed every month at no extra cost. And it is the same knowledge you would provide face to face with any customer.

See for yourself

Why does push and pull marketing cancel each other out?

Long term marketing goals based on sharing can be termed "Pull Marketing" because sharing attracts; and the short term goals using advertising can be termed as "Push Marketing" because they push for the sale.

Push marketing and pull marketing are so very different in nature that to use both on the same page is a schizophrenic behavior. This kind of confusing message is usually seen in a business website that looks like a full page ad with token use of industry knowledge and information. In contrast to this are two separate but meaningful web design models.

You are the boss

Cartoon movie director You can hire someone else to direct and delegate the work for your web business, or you can learn some basic principles of the web and call your own shots. Being able to call your own shots is helpful in the building stage as well. To make the best decisions it helps to see your website as a business and run it with a business attitude. Your market likes it when you talk about their problems and your solutions.

A global niche market

illustrated niche concept Start local and build your niche
It's common sense to start locally and get the near-by market first. You'll learn a lot from the local market as you expand to regional markets then national markets and finally a global market.

How big do you want your business to grow?

You can safely ignore technical jargon

Try asking a business question
A clock that says question-time There are a few business questions that may help any time you get caught up in technical discussions.

Business questions should always trump technical lingo and this puts the controls securely in your hands.



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