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How To Find A Web Designer You Can Trust

Choosing a web designer to be your companion

web project companion A companion will be someone that walks with you through your project of building a web business. A web business is not just a business web site. Any designer can help you with building a web site but you require someone that can help you build a web business. This is not easily achieved when a web design firm may be shortsighted and have their own needs to grow their business come first.

How can you tell when your needs are not first?
Sometimes it is good to know the type of web designers to avoided in order to eliminate, right away, the many poor choices that all vie for your business. Your best choice for a web designer is the one that will put your needs ahead of their own. But how are you to judge who is truly on your side and will be your companion on your business building web project.

To accomplish this and find the best designer there are a few very simple principles of web marketing that can open your eyes as a business owner. This web site is about revealing to you the simple reality of how the web works as a marketing medium and we can start by showing the false sales hype that so many web designers use to get your business.

The web designer said, "We'll drive traffic to your web site"
True or false: FALSE

The sales hype said, "Your business web site will stand out in a crowd"
True or false: FALSE

The ad said, "You need an awesome web design to create a first impression"
True or false: FALSE

It's not a good sign when you are misled from the start misleading marketing
We believe these false statements because it is exactly what we want to hear. We would also like to believe the new car we want gets 50 Km to the litre. There are lots of things we would like to believe, but sooner or later we have to get real with web marketing.

Driving traffic, a stand out web design & creating a first impression are all false statements because no one can drive web traffic, your web site never stands out in a crowd and that first impression means nothing compared to the first experience your web site provides. Meanwhile, the truth is a lot more exciting and prosperous. So why is the truth hidden from you?


Is your business web design 'staged' for your market?

StagingTypically our business web design is staged for US, not our market. A web designer knows who they have to please to get paid and without a direct stipulation to focus the design on our market then we won't get what we need - - we get what we want, or what we think we want.

It would be convenient to blame the web designers for not suggesting that our web design should be focused on our market but it's really our own fault for not putting our market first.

Never mind the blame, there is always enough blame to go around. Instead, we can design a web site that directly attracts our market with an excellent experience. To do this we need a market profile that tells us what our web market likes, what they value the most and their shopping habits.

What, exactly, is your market's profile?


What does the web do better than any other marketing medium?

Sharing increases attention Like all networks the web is designed to share. The concept of sharing is somewhat alien to the business model of making sales and this is the first clue that the web is a far different marketing medium than anything we have known before. And even in light of the phenomenal growth of social networks our, so-called, web professionals would have us ride the coattails of various social networks instead of simply sharing with our market.

It is obvious that social media, blogs and forums grow because they share, and the web loves to share. Anything that ever went viral did so because it was shared, and people love to share. That means that the web is a social sharing medium that supports and encourages sharing. Marketing takes on a new appearance and meaning when it is created to be shared. But how can our business web site share and form relationships with our market?


When web marketing goes wrong

Most small business web sites mix together push marketing with pull marketing, and they do this by sending out keyword messages that read as though a solution is at hand, but then the web page only talks about a product for sale. That same web page even has self promoting ads that compound the problem when, in fact, the customer has already arrived and advertising is out of place. Instead of self promoting ads a business web page needs to get to work by talking about the market's biggest problem.

The next biggest web marketing problem is thinking that a web site markets to the world. The web is not a broadcast medium but rather a one-to-one medium. When our page content is generic sales copy and written for everyone in the world then our web site markets to no one. There is no clearly defined focus for our market to relate to if we are trying to talk with everyone.

A third problem arises when we assume our web market is just an extension of an offline material market. People behave differently online and they have different expectations of our web site than they do of a brick & mortar walk-in store. Our web site is part of a virtual reality and although the difference between a virtual market and a material market is subtle it is no less real.

These 3 big problems have a common solution.


Some of the things you will discover in this web site

  1. Web designing that supports pull marketing
  2. A deeper understanding of push verses pull marketing
  3. Basic SEO that you can do, and should do, for yourself
  4. Seeing how pull marketing supports 3 new ways to market your business

There is information in the article section on web design, web marketing and oh so simple SEO that you can do yourself. These articles help you to see the web as a pull medium and also address the ways small business owners have been misled by the web design and marketing industry. The most important thing business owners will discover will be a profound effect on their confidence in making web design and marketing decisions.



Small Business Owners Want To Know
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  2. Low cost, or no cost marketing
  3. How their market behaves online
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