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Here are the 3 SEO text placements you'll need help with first. You'll notice that #1 is called the TITLE. This is the HTML title and it is the most important line of text on your page. It needs to have the keywords you will use to attract your market to this specific page. Other pages will have a different keyword phrase.

Ignore everything else until you read down to #2 called the "description" meta tag (forget the jargon), just refer to it as the page description. This line of text can be very similar to the heading (#1) and should be an enticement for visitors when they read the description as some search engines include this line of text under the link to your site.

Go down to the next item #3 called keywords. If you pay close attention you will see that I have tried to make multiple search phrases within the full line of "building relevant keywords search engine layers." Try reading the line from anywhere leaving off the first word(s) or the last word(s) and it still works as a search phrase.

If someone types in a search for "relevant keyword search" they should find this page. If they type in "search engine layers" they should find this page if they are in my local area, and the local area is always a good place to dominate from.

Two more lines of text to optimize
The last two places for optimizing your page are visible in a web browser. In other words, this is content for your visitors to read. One is a single bold heading that should be at, or near, the top of your page (your web person will know). The biggest heading is preferable but everything about the text can be controlled by your web designer. You just need to know what you want. The other place for visible text will be any number of bold paragraph headings as you see on most pages in this site. Not all of the bold paragraph titles will hold your keywords as they have another job to do as well, and that is to make it easy for visitors to locate the information they need.

There is a 6th area for SEO and that is the body of text on your page. These paragraphs of text will be written to hold 3 to 7 keywords per 100 words (3% to 7% density). As you will be writing this yourself, or hiring someone to do so, it is only an SEO issue because you do need reference to your keywords even though you sprinkle lightly. This helps to make your page highly relevant.

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