What do you want to discuss?
There are many things we could discuss but not so many things that we should discuss. The reason being that when the focus is on doing business it is only the big BUSINESS picture that comes first and a lot of distractions are then set aside for later.

Big Business Topics

  1. Is the website for doing business – or is it for display purposes?
  2. Which of two types of web marketing is your preferred style?
  3. Search Engine Optimization for free and Pay Per Click Advertising

1.) Doing business is always about interaction with customers/clients. However, when a business website is built just to display products or services it is not fully engaged with the market. You can have a choice, if you want, to accept the default marketing method or play a natural role in web marketing. The default web design and marketing method is to invest in a visual style of marketing that uses advertisements to make a sale. But, there is a choice that is overlooked.

2.) Having a choice is often overlooked when just one marketing method is presented. This choice is between spending on advertising to get visitors to your website or to attract your market naturally with little or no advertising and keeping the costs down. Advertising always reaches that part of your market that is ready (or near ready) to buy, but your natural market wants a relationship instead of advertising. Your natural market needs to be built, like any business needs to be built up, but the costs will be less for attracting your natural market because your website is behaving as you would when serving your market.

3.) SEO is always part of the marketing no matter what else you may do, but there is no hurry to do anything at first. The basic SEO can be near zero cost when it is knit together with the content and style of marketing. The writing of content is either done in house or hired out, but no one knows more than you do and your input is essential. The keywords and content will work together but first there is the big picture for SEO and that is to separate the technical approach from the natural approach. And Google loves natural SEO, yet Google makes money from the technical and pricey Adwords. Both the paid technical or the natural SEO will work on their own without the other and it takes a bit of finessing to blend and combine them as they are so very different from one another.

Things are different on the web
When building a business in the material world of warehouses, storefronts and offices you at least had some practical experience in your early days working for someone else, or being trained. But what happens when you try to start a web business to market your inventive ideas or unique products? What do you need to know about the web to make good business decisions? Where do you get web business training that gives you choices for the big decisions?

Even if you want a web site that is built quickly at a low cost you should know how to make this happen safely.

Starting a business on the web
Small business people are led to believe that a web site is just an extension of their REAL offline business, and this assumption takes away a choice you have. It is a mistake to think of the web only as an means to extend your material business because the web can do so much more as a business of its own than to simply display your offline business. The web is the most expansive marketing media we know of, but it takes a different attitude – a market oriented attitude – rather than a production distribution system. The production and distribution will take place anyway and the real choice you have is about how you want to market other than with advertising.

When the whole approach to connecting with a market changes in a fundamental way, such as changing the marketing medium, then you cannot rely on offline print & broadcast marketing methods to produce the same results on the web.

The web’s nature is to share although it is adaptable and can accommodate many marketing methods. Some are just better choices than others. Perhaps you want to askā€¦ “What can your business web site share with your market?”

You always have a choice

There is no useful purpose in telling you how to run your business online when it is more practical for you to make your own business decisions from a place of knowing and understanding the choices and what they mean for doing business.

All the marketing tools and methods of discovering your anonymous web market are within the e-book “Psycho Web Markets.” The title may sound dangerous or crazy and maybe just a little unreal, however, seeing your market as a group of people is not just a possibility, it is a useful way of learning what it is that attracts your web market. By knowing the unspoken agreements your market, as a group, have made then this research gives you an inside track.

Making Contact:
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