Tips from a Toronto Electrician How To Keep Your Home Safe From Electric Fires

Tips from a Toronto Electrician How To Keep Your Home Safe From Electric Fires

Your home is always at risk of catching fire for reasons such as using cooking appliances, storms and lightning as well as electric fires. This does not mean that you should sit around because it is inevitable, instead you should strive to fire proof your home with safety measures because you have to keep your loved ones safe. So what are the home safety measures for electric fires? Here are some of the ways you can keep electric fires at bay:electrician

Do away with old wiring
Maybe you have bought an old home or have inherited it from your parents and the wiring system of the home is too old hence requiring upgrade. Although you may wonder why should do so yet it is working just fine, but it is recommended to do so. This is because the wiring system you are using may be having a 30 amps fuse setup which does not accommodate recent voltage upgrade of up to 200 amps. Because of this, you may be experiencing frequent breaker tripping as well as blow up of the fuses.

Aluminum wiring vs. copper wiring
Most of the old wires from before employ aluminum as the wiring material. In as much as aluminum has the best properties such as good conduction and excellent malleability, it has a short life span and as such will not serve you for the long term. Unlike copper, the metal easily oxidizes and corrodes rendering it ineffective. It may pose to be an extensive project when considering conducting a wiring swap to copper but it is worthwhile. Even if a wiring upgrade for the whole house is not possible, you can hire a qualified electrician to install pigtails at breakers and receptacles.

Arc faults
When electrical currents divert from its usual pathway because of a defective wire, an arc fault is said to have occurred. The causes of arc faults are quite a number, some of them include; when a cord is broken such as being damaged by a rodent and when there is loose connection in an outlet. For preventive measure, an electrician in Toronto will advise you to install an Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) which detects any abnormalities which translates into shutting down of the circuit preventing it from heating up.

Avoid electrical counterfeit electrical products
It is understandable that everyone aims to save a little when buying products but this does not mean you should trade your safety in the name of cheap products. There are many below standard products in the market which lure you into buying them because they are quite cheap and are affordable to all. This may be so with other products but never should you attempt for electrical products because they could cause great harm to you and your loved ones. When buying power strips, electrical cords, extensions and power strips, ensure they are from a reputable retailer.

To add to your home safety tips, ensure you have the right knowledge on putting out electric fires when they occur. Do not use water as an extinguisher as it can cause electrocution. In case of any electrical problem, contact a reliable Toronto electrician to come to your rescue.