The web works by ATTRACTION and that’s why we use keywords to attract our market. When your keywords express what your market values it gives you the means to attract your natural web market by the values you share. The alternative and more common method of attracting a market is to use popular keywords for products and services. This can attract people that are ready to buy and are looking for a product, but now you have to get out front in the search engine wars and have Google list you in the top ten for the most common keywords. But when you also include keywords to express the values you share with your market it changes things altogether and it accomplishes two things:

First, it sends a stronger signal to your natural market that shares similar values with you. And the shared values being expressed connect with your market in a meaningful way when they search for value.

Secondly, this filters out traffic that doesn’t care for, or share, the same values as you and there is no reason to try and attract them. This turns your website into a garden that weeds itself and delivers only those that will choose a product or service that has greater value. There will be less lookie lous and less traffic yet it is a good place to start building your web business.

People or businesses can get a product or service anywhere on the web, that’s nothing special anymore, but what attracts your market is going to be the helpful or useful experience your website provides. It is how your market experiences their time on your website that has value, and it is this experience that brings people back again and again.

You can talk all day about your products and how valuable they are but your own values speak louder.

When you share This is how you build trust with your market because they share the same values. You can have a page called VALUES and this lets you talk about your values out loud. Instead of trying to insert value statements into various paragraphs and pages you can come right out and discuss your values for, education – product knowledge – supported social & community values, to name a few that you may share with your market.


Burnaby Web Consulting values integrity when integrity means, “The same on the inside as on the outside”, because integrity is a service you can count on when it means being consistent. To deliver the kind of service that you value we share our knowledge with you so that you can make intelligent business decisions for your own web business. When you make decisions based on knowledge and awareness you are already stepping up the business activity from the inside out.

Burnaby Web Consulting values education – There are things we need to know for our own safety and there are things we need to know for building integrity, but beyond safety and integrity a web market is attracted to learning how to solve their problems. Knowledge, through education, takes an open mind for learning new ideas and it is that attitude that is valued the most because it compliments our business intent to be innovative and improve web marketing.

Burnaby Web Consulting values safety where every client in our market knows that they have someone looking out for their best interests. We do not offer advise because advise is just an opinion. Instead we offer knowledge so you can form your own business decisions. Being safe means knowing something about the road ahead such as what your choices are and the costs associated with those choices.

Burnaby Web Consulting values organization and this is true even when Search Engine Optimization, web marketing and web design all have to be integrated from start to finish. To accomplish this the design itself has to be just an ongoing sketch until later when you know more about the needs of your market. The web has expanded everything it touches and you want the web to touch you and your business. To accomplish this your stuff needs to be organized, and so we value organization.